The AI profession was created in response to a need to increase milk production while improving cows genetics. Today, this trade does not have to prove its worth anymore. And so, 365 days a year, rain or shine, Consulting AI Technicians visit dairy and beef cattle producers in order to tend to their needs.


In addition to operating its own inseminators network, Ciaq works in partnership with a few authorized distributors who also provide insemination services and sell exclusively Ciaq products.


Because of its organizational structure Ciaq responds efficiently to the growing demands across the Quebec territory since 1948.

The role of AI Technicians

The Consultant Inseminator is a trained and dedicated professional who visits producers to provide them with an essential service and share information with them on various aspects of reproduction and genetics.


Whether producers require insemination services on a periodic or annual basis, Ciaq is always at their disposal!


Contact the AI Technicians from the most reliable network in the province by calling the 1 855 737-2427 followed by your 3-digit code.