Consulting Services

Over the years, Ciaq remains true to its vision : to deserve the privilege of being the first choice. To keep up with the evolution of the market and its clients, the company has adapted its structure to allow the specialization of field jobs and the development of the most advanced tools.

The role of Consulting Service Representative

The very essence of the Consulting Service Representative is to demonstrate to producers the company’s commitment to support clients through their herd’s evolution and profitability. These professionals are dedicated to their mission to analyze producers’ needs, to demystify some of the complex aspects of genetics and assist clients at all stages of the improvement process. Because of their knowledge, support from their teams, and the utmost efficiency of their tools, they can also achieve a genuine return on investment for producers.


You are looking for the best breeding strategy for your herd or the best tools that would help you maximize your performance? Contact your representative today!