The Legendary Starbuck

Starbuck’s international recognition has helped build Ciaq’s reputation as one of the best bovine artificial insemination centers around the world.


Photos : Starbuck at 11 months old and at 4-yr-old


  • In Canada: 36,976 daughters classified, including 70% GP and better
  • Starbuck is related to 95% of the cow population in Québec
  • More than 200,000 daughters around the world
  • 209 proven sons and 406 proven grandsons
  • 130 All-Canadian and 82 All-American nominations
  • 685,000 semen doses sold in 45 countries, total net cumulative income : close to 25 M$
  • 27 times the Premier Sire title at shows (in Canada and the USA)


1979 Starbuck was born at Hanover-Hill Holsteins in Port Perry, Ontario, Canada. Arrival at Ciaq on December 13 and coded 73 HO 431.
1981 à 1983 Classified GP (October 1981), VG (June 1982) and Excellent (February 1983) at three years 10 months.
1984First official proof and return to regular service: +9 for type, +5 for milk, +4 for fat and protein
1986 Starbuckmania is spreading: many second-generation heifers dominate the show circuit. Starbuck is crowned Premier Sire at the Quebec Provincial Show. A six-month heifer is the top-selling female in Canada at $300,000, a record price for a heifer in Canada.
1987 à 1992 Leader of the All-Canadian and All-American contests in North America. His fame spreads to 42 countries worldwide.
1988First proof in the USA in July, he ranks 5th among the top bulls for type (+2,75 PDT)
1989Hanoverhill Star T Barb is the first daughter classified Excellent in Canada. Hanoverhill Star Lulu is sold for 635 000 $ - the highest price obtained in Canada in 1989.
1990The star sire reaches the mark of 50,000 registered subjects; a first in Holstein Canada's history.
1991 Starbuck is #1 for type in the USA (+3,24 PTAT).
1996 Eleven of the top 12 bulls on the Canadian LPI List are related to Starbuck.
1998 Starbuck passes away at the venerable age of 19 years and 4 months.

Birth of Starbuck’s clone two years after his death

STARBUCK II, the clone of Hanoverhill Starbuck, is born on September 7, 2000. This birth of a live calf derived from a line of frozen cells from an adult bovine is a first in Canada. This tremendous achievement is the result of a joint effort by Ciaq, Boviteq, and the Faculté de médecine vétérinaire de l’Université de Montréal.


Starbuck II lived a healthy life and developed normally. He bore a striking resemblance to his namesake and he passed away in 2010. His semen could not be commercialized in Canada, however it was sold in the United States and eight Latin American countries.