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Reproduction Assistance 

Reproduction Assistance

Reproduction is an important part of herd management. If you want to be successful in heat detection, you must understand your cow's behavior. Wherever you are in Québec, CIAQ A.I. technicians can help!

Heat detection is a key factor in determining the reproductive success of your herd and the profitability of your enterprise.

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Ferme R. Blanchette et fils inc. (tie-stalls)
Ferme Delapointe inc. (tie-stalls)
Ferme Marilou
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Detect HEAT Every Time and Monitor Your Cows' HEALTH!

Heatime is a revolutionary technology that monitors the activity level of your cows and detects when animals should be bred. An "autonomous" device, HEATIME does not have to be linked to any milking or computer system. Heatime is therefore very accessible for all free-stall and tie-stall environments. And Heatime is effective for both mikling cows and heifers.

NEW ! The new "rumination" function available with HEATIME allow quicker detection of sick cows by monitoring lower activity and rumination level.

Features of the Heatime system

Rumination and activity detection (in french)

Frequently asked questions

Report at Ferme Élégante (in french)

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