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Holstein Breed, a most complete Genomax line-up

  • 15 Genomax, including 6 new ones, satisfying the needs of the most progressive breeders.

  • The stars from our last proof round are still available (Accurate, Galapagos, Dodge, etc) 

  • Among the top sires available at Semex, two sons of Flame :

   ANDRE : 150 kg combined, +16 Type,  111 HL and 108 DF

   DENIM : a combination of production and type, 131 kg combined and +19 DGV type

  • Excellent first sons of El Bombero

  KANE : 2487 Pro$, 1930 kg Milk, 168 kg combined and +12 Type

  LOCHLAN : leader in production, 1926 kg Milk 161 kg combied with DGV at +15 Type

  • A Unix son which stands out for Type

  DEALMAKER at +17 DGV for Type and +17 MS


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