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Production is guaranteed with the Holstein breed!

0200HO03753 Marbri FACEBOOK  : A world-class Genomax graduate!
(Man-o-Man x Arraid)

The best TPI in the USA and the best MACE in Canada!
Outstanding production with 2256 kg of milk and 124 kg of fat
Solid type (+11), with Mammary System at +9 and Feet & Legs at +12
Outstanding functional traits with 104 for daughter fertility, among others


Jeanniestar Moogy Facebook, VG85-2Y


0200HO06183 Comestar
LEMUST : Among the best LPI and perfectly balanced!
(Planet x Bolton)

Strong production with 1606 kg of Milk
A much sought after conformation (+11), with Mammary System at +11 and Feet & Legs at +9
Flawless functional traits

Marsville Lemust Melody GP84-2Y



0200HO06156 Larcrest CONTRAST-ET : Another Genomax that meets expectations!
(Alexander x Shottle)

A most reliable proof round involving 177 daughters
A tremendous fat yield (103 kg F and .82%)      
High-calibre conformation (+14)             
Exceptional SCS and Milking Temperament


Lamaria Lilipop Contrast VG86-2Y


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