The August proofs bring many newcomers at Ciaq!


Holstein Highlights:

Our shining stars remain as attractive as ever! Several proven sires have improved their ranking. HIGH OCTANE and CABRIOL have improved their Pro$ by over 250 points and have scored several points for type and health traits!

Discover three new proven sires that will help you optimize your herd :


CINDERDOOR, specialist for type, with outstanding udder texture (+12) and incredible udder width (+14). He will continue to impress in show arenas.

LEEROY, the leader among profitable cows! Our best proven sire for Pro$ with 2580. Combining high production indexes with over 2500 kg of milk, +10 for type and herd life at +108!

SUPERMAN, the perfect example of a small modern cow; efficient and flawless!
For producers who are looking for working cows (2219 kg M); they will help you meet your quota (191 kg combined).



New Genomax sire lineup to meet all requirements! Contact your representative to place your order!



JERSEY BREED : Three new Genomax!

BOURBON, #1 for LPI available at SEMEX!
A specialist for combined kg (167) : 92 kg fat, 75 kg protein.

Produces small profitable cows for our breeders!

CHOICE, very good mammary systems with outstanding median suspensory (+8) and rear attachment (+12)!
– Daughters that are aging very well, (herd life at 105)
– High producing cows (1391 kg Milk)
– Available in SEXED semen

CROWN is very strong for type (+11), with outstanding udder texture (+14). It moves on excellent feet and legs, with strong bone quality (+6) and a well-positioned rear view (+9).

He will produce daughters with very good milking temperament (103) and remarkable milking speed (108).





SUTTER, the first Adidas son is now available!
– A very attractive profile; strong production with 1115 kg of milk
– Stands out for type : mammary system at +10
– Outstanding health traits


ANIMATE, makes an impressive entrance, ranking #5 for LPI and tied at #7 for type with +11.

BROWN SWISS BREED : A newcomer in the breed!


SASCHA, a new sire from Swissgenetics. Among the best young sires for LPI at 2148.
– +12 for type, mammary system at +15
– Milking speed at 110



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