Fertility at a low price

Our commitment:

– High-fertility sires at competitive price
– Fertility confirmed through 555,000 services performed annually at Ciaq
– Calving ease
– Doses available across the distribution network
– Most interesting genetics
– New icons make breeders’ choice easier

What is NRR? 

Through its AI network, Ciaq performs over 555,000 inseminations each year. This provides the most reliable fertility statistics. The precision of our indexes results from a multitude of data that are taken into account with every service in order to eliminate the effects of the environment on each sire’s results: age of the cow, her lactation level, the season, the herd’s fertility rate and the consulting inseminator’s efficiency.

The average non return rate is 59. Sires displaying a higher rate stand out and provide greater fertility. The average index
is a key element when comparing sires.


The Accessible is now offered in the Ayrshire, Jersey and Brown Swiss breeds!