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Organization Chart 

Organization Chart

The CIAQ Board of Directors for 2016 

From Left to Right : Mariette Gagnon, Mario Hébert, general manager, Jean Bisonnette,
Normand Chevrier (1st vice-president), Jean-François Morin, Daniel Côté (president),

Normand Barriault, Jean-François Simard (2nd vice-president), Gary Bowers, Johanne Chartier, directrice générale adjointe, Luc Gervais, Barbara Paquet and Céline Dumont.

General Manager Mario Hébert
Assistant General Manager Johanne Chartier
Executive Assistant Marie-Josée Charland
Director of Finance and Administration Johanne Chartier
Assistant Director of Finance and Administration André Girardin
Assistant Director of Human Resources  Marie-Hélène Laforce  
Director of Services to producers  Sylvain Boyer
Director of Communications and Training Vincent Landry
Director of Dairy Solutions David Crack Jr

Business and Partnership Development Consultant Marcel Choinière

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