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  • An Enterprise Owned by Québec Breeders


About CIAQ 

An Enterprise Owned by Québec Breeders

Located in Saint-Hyacinthe, Ciaq, was created in 1948. Ciaq is the only production centre of bovine semen in Québec. With a team of 280 dedicated people, Ciaq works at improving the genetics of dairy and beef cattle.

Ciaq, a limited partnership, is owned by three groups of Québec producers, Les producteurs de lait du Québec, or PLQ (milk producers), the Conseil québécois des races laitières inc., or CQRL, (breed associations) and the Conseil provincial des cercles d'amélioration du bétail inc., or CPCAB (breeding clubs).



Ciaq can offer breeders an outstanding line of sires recognized as leaders on the national and international scenes both in dairy breeds, such as the Ayrshire, Brown Swiss, Canadienne, Holstein and the Jersey, and in beef breeds.

Ciaq accounts for 45% of the artificial insemination (A.I.) market in Canada. Approximately 800,000 doses of semen from our sires are used each year by Québec breeders. Ciaq has two distribution channels: the A.I. technician network and our consultant service team. Ciaq also has an agreement with the Nova Scotia Animal Breeders Co-op Ltd. whereby Nova Scotia breeders can use semen from our sires as well as our services.


The Semex Alliance, which markets our products throughout the world, is owned by three Canadian A.I. centres: Westgen, Eastgen and Ciaq, which is a 45% shareholder.

Our Values

At CIAQ, our actions are guided and motivated by four core values.


CIAQ values communication. Everyone within the organization has the possibility to ask questions and to receive answers, hence the obligation to adapt our mode and style of communication to the situation and to the target audience.


CIAQ values competences. Our employees have the ability to develop their knowledge and skills and to express their creativity – source of innovation – within our area of business.


CIAQ values respect. Respect is the basis for harmonious relationships within the organization, whether it is respect for ourselves, among all members of the organization, towards our customers or towards the work of others.


CIAQ values a sense of responsibility. A self-starting capacity and the recognition of mutually dependent functions are essential to achieve responsible management and ethical behaviors on a personal, professional and social level.

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